Hi 👋, i am back with another interesting verge 3d tutorial. Making a Backend system to manage things for verge 3d is pretty easy and free. And you can easily customize it. We are going to use  Google sheets  as a Backend for verge 3d. You can check the project source file for free

Verge 3d backend system
Verge 3d backend tutorial
Verge 3d backend tutorial

Now we have are going to fetch the  Google sheets  data and then looping that data it to create the color options

Verge 3d puzzle

I also created this function to create HTML interface dynamically according to the  Google sheets  data and then change the color options for an object

Verge 3d puzzle

I am WebGL and verge 3d developer, i love to share my knowledge and experience with other people

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3 replies on “Free backend system that you can use for Verge 3d”

  • Visualizer
    November 27, 2022 at 6:42 am

    I see you have a talent & I have something in pipeline which you can think of possible or not?
    I would like to have a google meet with you on the same. I guess you are from Pakistan so Asia time should be Ok to you . Let me know.