Hi 👋, Verge 3d is really awesome in terms of updating the blender shading nodes you can create so many effects with it just like i created this color transition in Verge 3d,  source file link is attacthed the bottom

Verge 3d color transition tutorial

Live preview: https://v3d.net/d74

Check the following blender nodes structure i attached the value node to the  wave texture node, we can update value node value in verge 3d

In Verge 3d puzzles i created procedure puzzle that will create the color transition effect when you call it, inside the procedure what i just did is animated the value node value and that’s it

Now when you click on a button just call the procedure and pass the value into it just like color,duration etc

Final Results

I am WebGL and verge 3d developer, i love to share my knowledge and experience with other people

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