verge 3d shader tutorial

Unlock the Secrets of Verge 3D Shading Nodes: A Puzzles-Based Tutorial

Hi πŸ‘‹! back again after a long timeπŸ˜… with some exciting tutorials. So if you want to control the shaders of Blender right inside in Verge 3d puzzles, you’ll need to create a (Value node) in Blender’s shading node editor and connect it to your node’s specific value. After that, you can easily change its value using puzzles.

verge 3d shaders tutorial puzzles
Shading nodes Structure

Now in the Verge 3d puzzles once a specific button in Clicked check it’s state by creating a conditional logic and based on it set the value puzzle by counting or lerp numbers using animate param puzzle and it will give you a nice animated fealing

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