Creating a material changing application is the best way for beginners to learn and understand Verge 3d. So let’s start with a basic scene setup that includes a monkey and three spheres.

Now go to the shading tab and assigned each sphere a different material. And rename the material name with their colors, so you will not be confused later on.

And also rename your 3d objects.

And now Export your scene by clicking on glTF 2.0 and overwrite the file with your current verge 3d project file

In verge 3d puzzle, in “Events” tab you will find a puzzle “when clicked”

In “materials” tab use “assign material puzzle” to assign a material to an object when we click an object 

Now add “assign material puzzle” inside “when clicked puzzle” choose the material which you want to assign to an object when you click on the object.

Same Process with the remaining spheres
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