1. How to use these Preloaders in your Project
  2. Important Note
  3. Free Preloader 
Preloaders Pack
  • How to Use these Preloaders in your Project:
I had created this Preloaders Pack for Verge 3d, if you want to use this preloaders pack then check my Patreon page. When you support me on Patreon you will find a preloaders post on my Patreon, download the Verge3d Preloaders zip file, and after unzipping it you will find Five preloaders to use in your next or current projects of Verge 3d.

After unzipping the zip file you file get HTML and CSS files, now edit the index.html file.

Now Replace “my_preloader” with your project name of Verge-3d
   Choose your Verge-3d project
      Click on init Tab
Use setup preloader puzzle
Choose set style puzzle from HTML
Now use text puzzle in your HTML puzzle, set display to none and set element to preloader-wrapper.


                            Preloader-1 uses element id “preloader_div”.

  • Free Preloader:
       This preloader is a gift from me for everyone you can download this from Google Drive

I am WebGL and verge 3d developer, i love to share my knowledge and experience with other people

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